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Fact sheet

Developper: MagnaVex Entertainment

Platform: PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Language: English

My role

System Designer and programmer





Evo\wave is a 3D platformer game featuring LAI-6, an A.I. with a goal of restoring the world following MagnaVex's rampage that brought it back to a retro era. Repair the Evo\Core to progress through the different graphicals periods of video game history!

This game is the final project I worked on during my bachelor studies as a game designer. Worked on with a team of around twenty students, it represents the culmination of my learning of programming and project management.

During this project, I helped design the collectible, achievement and progression system and implemented them plus the save and dialogue system. I also worked on some parts of the character controller. Since I have an affinity for programming, I was in charge of bringing our designs to life while also working closely on designing them in a way they could be implemented easily and in a timely manner

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