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Game Designer

About Me

Game Designer

I’ve always wanted to make games, even from a young age. I would imagine worlds and monsters in the hope that, one day, I could make my own. Today, with a BAC in game design, I’m as passionate as ever by this industry that is constantly evolving. I like designing and programming games, I like solving complex problems and seeing the results on screen, I like brainstorming with my coworkers on different game experience design possibilities. I consider myself a game designer with an affinity with prototyping and programming as an added asset to my belt. Video games is a domain that is important, equally playing to making them! Looking forward to meeting you!

Our Games

My projects

Here are the projects in which I actively participated, both during my bachelor studies as well as with Nôrdika Studio of which I am a co-founder. For all of them, I was a game designer responsible for designing multiple systems and mechanics as well as implementing them in the engine. If you want more information on the different games, you can click on the various game logos!


Collect-a-thon | Retro | Free

Evo\wave is a 3D platformer game featuring LAI-6, an A.I. with a goal of restoring the world following MagnaVex's rampage that brought it back to a retro era. Repair the Evo\Core to progress through the different graphicals periods of video game history!


3D Precision Platformer | Action | Accessibility

Uligo: A Slime's Hike is a precision platformer game with 3D visuals where the player controls Uligo, a slime able to stick to all surfaces, be it walls or the ceiling! In order to find its origins, Uligo must go through multiple worlds littered with traps to find Urik, the oldest slime. Will you jump, climb, dash, stick to walls and find all the hats and stars to conquer these challenges?


Infinite Runner | Gamejam | Free

Ça cours dans famille is a gamejam game with the theme "generation". Taken in the literal sense, the game is an infinite runner with obstacles where four characters with different abilities according to their age must make it to the end by making precise maneuvers. The game contains a lot of references to Montreal and critiques multiple aspects of the metropolis in a satirical way.


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