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Uligo: A Slime's Hike

3D Precision Platformer | Action | Accessibility

Fact Sheet

Developper: Nôrdika Studio

Platform: PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Language: English/Français

My role

Game and system designer




Uligo_ A Slime's Hike Logo - Color.png

Uligo: A Slime's Hike is a precision platformer game with 3D visuals where the player controls Uligo, a slime able to stick to all surfaces, be it walls or the ceiling! In order to find its origins, Uligo must go through multiple worlds littered with traps to find Urik, the oldest slime. Will you jump, climb, dash, stick to walls and find all the hats and stars to conquer these challenges?

This game is the culmination of almost a year's work in the studio of which I am a co-founder; Nôrdika Studio. This project was a collaborative work between multiple game designers and we consulted each other for everything, meaning I gave my input on every system and game mechanic in the game with more emphasis on the progression, collectible and dialogue systems.

Being a very small team, it was essential to keep communicating and frequently report to each other for any potential problems, discussing design flaws and brainstorming on possible solutions while taking into account production time. Having more affinity with the technical side, my colleagues would usually refer to me for any questions regarding implementation of design ideas.

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