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Ça cours dans famille

Auto-Runner | Gamejam | Free

Fact Sheet

Developper: Gamejam 2019

Platform: PC

Engine: Unity

Language: French

My role

Game Designer and programmer





Ça cours dans famille is a gamejam game with the theme "generation". Taken in the literal sense, the game is an infinite runner with obstacles where four characters with different abilities according to their age must make it to the end by making precise maneuvers. The game contains a lot of references to Montreal and critiques multiple aspects of the metropolis in a satirical way.

When initially creating the concept for Ça cours dans famille, we decided to associate four simple mechanics to each button of an XBOX controller. These mechanics (jumping, sliding, etc.) each correspond to a stereotype of a targeted generation. It's a difficult game combining execution and the challenge of remembering the sequence of obstacles to make it to the end.


During this gamejam, I was the programmer for the game, but being a relatively simple game on a mechanic and systemic level, the majority of the coding was done by the morning of the last day. Then, we played the game as much as possible to correct some collision problems and the general game feel. It was a good first experience about the importance of playtesting, a concept which I reiterated on during other projects like Evo\Wave and Uligo: A Slime's Hike.

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